Back Home now.. Auxano is completed

So low and behold I am back once again to write a blog post… however this is one is gonna be a little different… this one is more of a update post… You see I am back home. I’ve been home for over a week and a half and I must say it feels like reverse culture shock kinda, similar idea to that. The program I did Auxano has now ended. That ended almost 2 weeks ago already.

Doing Auxano was kind of a life saver for me if that makes any sense. I believe God wanted me to do that program to come back to Him, because even before I did Auxano my prayer life and walk with God was almost gone completely. So by doing Auxano not only has my prayer life has improved but I know more about God, His love for me and how He forgives those who have done wrong. God worked through me a lot during this program. I’ve grown, I’m not the same person who I was before. I am so blessed that I was able to do this kind of program now rather then later.

I’ve done some many cool things and learned so much that my brain became mush after each class. I did over 20 or so different classes within the 8 months roughly 3-4 days long classes which isn’t that bad at all. I think some of my favorite course we did were: Wisdom Literature, Missions & Evanglism, and Social Justice. Besides doing the various Biblical courses and other courses. During the program I learned how to snowboard, wakeboard, and surf. I’ve also learned what is like to live in community with other Christians which very valuable in my opinon. I think one of the most important things I’ve learned was allowing God to take care of things of which I have no control over meaning for me taking a step back and surrendering it to God.

However living back at home has been quite a challenge. I’m so used to being around my Auxano family and having that support there. I’ve gained 2 sisters and and a brother there. It’s just plain weird being home. But since I am home now I can get used to it again, and figure out what to do next. I do know that I want to off to college eventually just not yet… Anyways, I think that would do for this post 🙂 if you have any suggestion on what I should write about next…. tell me 🙂


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