You Can Impact Anyone & Make a Difference


           You may never have  thought of this but we can easily impact anyone in our life and in this world as well. You can make an impact on someone just by being who you are. Someone may look up to simply because you may be a good basketball player, or just a good person. You can make an impact on this world one small step at a time too.

          So you may be asking yourself “why would I do a post about this”. I for one really do want to be an example to others, be a good influence for them.  I think having some kind of role model or person you look to is rather important in life. Having like a mentor or someone who’s there for us can help us not only grow but also help us deal with all the stuff that life has to offer the good and the bad. I’ve also want to do something with to make an impact on this world and today’s society. I hopefully one day want to do something Youth, perhaps be like a Youth leader of some sort or a Youth Counselor. I believe that anyone can make an impact. Your voice does matter I hope you know that. If there is anything that you want to change about this society then tell someone and  see what you can do to make that change happen.

I love the idea that you can be a role model to someone or anybody for that matter mainly because it just feels good when people look up to you. In fact there are so many people that have made an impact in this world from Mother Theresa to Issac Newton to Barack Obama (yes I did just type his name)  There are so many people in the Bible as well that have made a big impact on this world and the people back then. Yes, Jesus our Savior and King is one of them but that one is very obvious. I’m talking about people like Moses who brought God’s people out of Egypt to the promise land and brought them the 10 Commandments. Esther is another example as well. She is honestly one of my favorite people in the Bible mainly because she helped protect her people. She was chosen as Queen out of bunch of other young women. When she heard about her people who were about to be destroyed she took action. She was so courageous to bring justice for her people that she saved them as well. She made a big impact for sure. There are so many other people in the Bible that have made a big impact on this world and history for that matter. I challenge whoever reads this to go look in the Bible and find someone who has made an impact on your life.

Lastly, go forth and conquer, finish your quest. And help others along the way.  Cause honestly we can make a big impact in this world.


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